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Heart Beats + inverse FFT of HarmonicScore Submitted

Music Hack Day @ MIT

Heart Beats continually modifies the tempo of your music to match your heart rate. Hopefully this won't result in a positive feedback system that gives the user a heart attack.

It uses a heart rate monitor that wirelessly communicates with a watch, and there is a webcam duct-taped to the watch wi... Read More

Logo for beatbloks

BeatBloks Submitted

Music Hack Day Boston 2013

The Echo Nest Remix API is amazing, but interacting with it via Python scripts isn't as fulfilling as it could be. BeatBloks aims to scratch this itch by overlaying the measure, beat, and tatum information provided by the Remix API onto the waveform of the music, and allows you to drag these "bloks... Read More

Logo for sea-of-grain

Sea of Grain Submitted

Music Hack Day Boston 2014

Sea of Grain takes a song and lays it out across a Seaboard to make the song touchable, allowing playback with granular synthesis. It uses the Echo Nest Remix API to break a song into it tatums (eighth notes), and assigns each tatum to a key.

Applying more pressure to a key increases volume, but ... Read More