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WTFoto?! Submitted

Photo Hack Day 4

This is the app that will change everything!

It'll disrupt Hollywood, politics, sports!


No more people losing their careers because they're so horny they can't wait to post their pics NOW!!!


Famous or not, you're free to post whatever p... Read More

BandsNearby In Progress

Music Apps Hack Weekend

On October 30th, 1987, an unknown band played an acoustic set at CBGBs. A few New Yorkers got to see them. The songs became classics. That band was Guns N Roses.

BandsNearby is a Spotify app that helps you discover amazing, unknown bands that are playing at the intimate NY venues you know and l... Read More

Logo for priview

PriView In Progress

WSJ Data Transparency Code-a-Thon

Users will get a brief of the policies agreement of a specific site or services they're signing up to. Also companies will be rated for their performance in managing private information.

The problem we are solving is the lack of knowledge about policies in different sites.

It'll be a free Goog... Read More

Parse Localization SDK Submitted

Mobile Dev Day Hackathon by Parse and Facebook

An improved SDK to make localization easier for Parse Developers... Read More

Travel Channel Navigator In Progress

CEA MODEV Hackathon @ CES 2014

-We sync with live programming (we used a Node.js server for the demonstration) on the Travel Channel. In our demo, we used Bizarre Foods with host Andrew Zimmern going to Taipei.

-We keep the viewer engaged during commercial breaks: preserving customer loyalty to TC's major advertising partners.... Read More

Eargorithm Submitted

SXSW Music Hackathon Championship

Eargorithm is an attempt to disrupt music Discovery.

Musical discovery had been an underwhelming performer in digital music offerings. It starts with an amazing promise but soon enough it becomes an endless rabitt hole of mediocre bands and less than compeling artists.

In today;s world the b... Read More

Mind Melder – a contract programming tool Submitted

Code the Deal

The project is to create a tool to allow lawyers to “program” their contracts in much the same way as developers write software. A fundamental change for sure, but it opens the door to applying technology to all sorts of drafting challenges like making revisions to reflect changes in basic deal ter... Read More

Intel Seal Team 6 Submitted

Intel® IoT Roadshow Boston

Lone Survivor, is a movie based on a real life story, where a soldier is brutally shot dead trying to reach a mountain peak to establish a radio link. In it's ultimate configuration our device would continuously record GPS and the last five minutes of attempted radio transmissions. In an emergen... Read More