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WhatSamples? Submitted

MIDEM Hack Day

Ever wondered where a sample in a song comes from, or what the original song sounds like? WhatSamples is an iOS app that identifies the song that is playing, and shows you all the songs that were sampled in, and sampled by that song.

The app lets you listen to the query song and the original sam... Read More

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KALX Now! Submitted

Music Hack Day SF 2013

KALX 90.7FM Berkeley is the greatest radio station ever! But I'm not always near a radio, or able to sit there and listen to the Internet stream all day. They do publish a (sort of) live playlist on their website at I've created a service that takes the latest son... Read More

The Dark Side of Oz Submitted

Hollywood Hack Day 2013

There's a theory that if you start Pink Floyd's album "Dark Side of the Moon" at exactly the right time when watching "The Wizard of Oz", you'll see all kinds of more-than-coincidental similarities and syncups between the two.

Our hack is a companion app to the Wizard of Oz, which uses the Gracen... Read More

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Webola Submitted

Outside Hacks

Controlling stage lights is cool, but the DMX512 protocol is pretty hard to program with. Webola is a simple Web API built on top of the Open Lighting Architecture that makes programming lights so easy, everyone can do it!

Go to to try it out! (only worked at the hackathon... Read More

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パチ.IO ( Submitted

Music Hack Day Tokyo 2014



Pachislo is a popular Japanese slot machine game that can be found in Pachinko parlors all over the country. stands for "Pachislo Radio". Using Gracenote'... Read More

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Mixcandy Submitted

Music Hack Day San Francisco 2014

We built a live performance tool that combines music analysis, MIDI controller input, and real-time LED light visuals.

Songs are analyzed for beat, mood, and segmentation using Gracenote's experimental Timeline Metadata API. The beat data i... Read More

*CATCHER In Progress

TVOT SF 2014 Hackathon

*CATCHER (pronounced star catcher) is a quick way to find out where and when your favorite actors are on television and record shows with one touch from your mobile or wearable device. Connect your twitter account and follow or search for your favorite TV, movie, or music personalities to get starte... Read More

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Snippysnap In Progress

Music Hack Day Barcelona 2015

Uploads an audio recording with a picture to SoundCloud - FROM THE BROWSER!... Read More