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GeoFlag Submitted

PennApps Spring 2013

Make LOCATION the key to unlock your files with GeoFlag!

File senders: You're just a few clicks away from secure file delivery - with limited terms set by you! Simply log in with Facebook, upload the file, then set the terms of access. Limit downloads to only certain locations or timeframes. Give... Read More

Logo for friend-o-matic

Friend-o-matic In Progress

Columbia University DevFest

A Facebook friend sharing app via NFC for Android.

Meet someone and want to add each other on Facebook? With Friend-o-matic, it's as easy as placing your phones together. The Android app lets you add friends on Facebook using Near Field Communication.... Read More

Logo for eatnew

EatNew Submitted

Spring 2013 hackNY Student Hackathon

Suggests nearby restaurants that you have never been to. Eat something new!... Read More

EtMe Submitted

Fall 2012 hackNY Student Hackathon

Using Foursquare check-in data, suggest possible Etsy listings that could interest users.... Read More

Logo for silentauction

SilentAuction Submitted

Y-Hack @ Yale

Privacy-preserving auctions with commitment to pay. The user submits a Bitcoin transaction when he/she is bidding, and only the largest transaction can be revealed and verified, guaranteed by the multi-player encryption system. The largest Bitcoin transaction will be automatically confirmed at the e... Read More

Logo for whencantimeet

WhenCan'tIMeet In Progress

DevFest 2014

Filling out a when2meet tends to be a painful process, with you manually cross-checking your availability with your calendar. So, WhenCan'tIMeet does it for you -- one click and you're done!... Read More