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Bad Cover Version Quiz In Progress

Music Hack Day London

The greatest bands in the world... and their sound-alikes.
Can you tell them apart?

Uses The Echo Nest API to find hotttessst track by familiar artists (that are likely to have plenty of cover versions) than searches the 7digital Catalogue API to find the tributes and randomly picks between a co... Read More

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RadioMe In Progress

MIDEM Hack Day

Your very own personal radio.
Create setlists manually or import them from your last.fm or This Is My Jam accounts.... Read More

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Radio 7digital FM In Progress

Music Hack Day SF 2013

FM radio is back!
Create your own radio station by selecting songs you want to have played. Or import them from your last.fm listening history or This is my jam.
You can even upload your own jingles or adverts to Soundcloud and add them to your radio playlist.... Read More

Trojan Radio In Progress

Music Hack Day London 2013

Your Mum's old radio is not as innocent as it seems...

Work in progress

Ready to be deployed
... Read More