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Finish This Form(JS Plugin) Submitted

Fall 2012 hackNY Student Hackathon

Finish This Form is a JavaScript plugin that you can add to all pages on your site or app that have forms. After adding the plugin, it actively collects data for you before the user finishes filling the form and hits submit.

If a user leaves your form after filling in their email or phone number... Read More

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The Playbook In Progress

PennApps Spring 2013

Taking your Little Black Book and making it social, digital, and secure. ... Read More

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The Wingman Submitted

Spring 2013 hackNY Student Hackathon

your brilliant personal conversational assistant. Helps you get a date, helps you land that new job, or just make new friends with tact you didn't think you have. Born to live in the impending augmented reality world, wingman sits on your iOS device, uses facial recognition technology to determine w... Read More

HMJ In Progress

HackPSU 2013

Making positive impact from conception.... Read More

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BuddyHack(Hack My Facebook) Submitted

PennApps Fall 2012

So, you want to play a trick on your friends to make them think you got "hacked." You're tempted to mess with your friends, but don't know where to start or don't have enough time. Just go to http://hackmyfacebook.com, sign in with Facebook, and we will help you hilariously mess with your friend in ... Read More

Concierge Submitted

hackNY Fellowship 2013 DemoFest

The app for events. Concierge gives your guests the ultimate experience. With the flick of a wrist they can order food/drinks, ask questions, and check the schedule.

To top it off, it's all integrated right in with Twitter so your event will be trending in no time!... Read More

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HackMatch Submitted

Fall 2013 hackNY Student Hackathon

Want to discover some of the sickest startups? HackMatch has you covered. Browse through all of the best startups in the country, see what tech they are using, and maybe even get in touch with the founders.... Read More

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HackerMatch Submitted

Y-Hack @ Yale

Tech Recruiting sucks. Hackers that want to work at startups have two problems:

  1. Where to look for the right startups.
  2. How to evaluate startups.

I'm fixing both of them by building a hybrid agent/automated model that most efficiently helps hackers find the right startup to work at. Think... Read More

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HackMatch App Submitted


Find the perfect startup to join by flipping through our curated list of the top startups. Hit "Hell yeah" and your interest will be recorded. Within 24 hours, a HackMatch agent will contact you and begin working on intros between you and the founders of startups we think you'll like.

We take ca... Read More

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HackMatch iOS Submitted

DevFest 2014

Tinder for Hackers -- HackMatch helps you find the perfect startup. ... Read More

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Hack Match Submitted

2015 hackNY alumNY ReuNYon Demos

You don't want to work at Facebook or Uber; you want to work at the next Facebook or Uber.

HackMatch helps tops engineers find the right startup.... Read More