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DOM Submitted

Fall 2012 hackNY Student Hackathon

What if you could interact with your websites in a whole new way? Have you ever wanted to physically insert yourself into a webpage? Now you can. We turn an ordinary webpage into a 3D shooter game. We use the Tumblr API to get pretty pictures for scenery procedurally.... Read More

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Bestaurant! In Progress


Stop quarreling with your friends about where to eat! Bestaurant analyzes your tastes to suggest restaurants that you'll love. Find great new restaurants for yourself, or bump phones together with friends to find restaurants everyone will enjoy!

https://github.com/zan2434/bestaurant... Read More

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Jamsesh Submitted

Foursquare Hackathon 2013

Walk into your favorite restaurant, check in with Foursquare, and your favorite music magically starts playing in the restaurant.

First connect the app with your Foursquare account at jamsesh.in
Visit jamsesh.in/display to watch the music play and the queue appear as you add music from the Fours... Read More

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Hologram Submitted

HackPSU 2013

Magically generate 3D models of stuff using a plain old camera.... Read More

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Notable Submitted

PennApps Fall 2012

Better note taking. Missed a major point in lecture for the next big exam? Don't worry, your classmates have your back. Take more effective notes and master course material by leveraging your classmates' efforts. Manage and create notes in realtime via the web browser or even via text message. Compa... Read More

CheapMotion Submitted

HackPrinceton, Fall 2013

We turned the iPhone's camera into a leapmotion and tracked a users finger in 3d space, and then visualized that from our browser.... Read More