Jasdev Singh


"Start building today or there won't be anything to fix tomorrow."

CS/Maths @UVa. Member @HackCville. S'13 @KPCBFellows.

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Logo for snapgraph

Snapgraph Submitted

PennApps Spring 2013

Snapgraph is an interactive visualizer to discover interesting dynamics between your network of Snapchat friends.

We like Snapchat and we love APIs, so we hacked together our own API for SnapChat.

The platform is opensourced on GitHub, and we've publiciz... Read More

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Ranker Submitted

API Hackday SF 2013

Snapchat is the fastest growing image sharing platform, yet there is no official API.

So, we made our own and hacked together a social image sharing contest for people to snap pics relating to the theme of the day. Users can upvote and downvote on other submissions for each day's contest.

... Read More

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Batt Signal Submitted

PennApps Fall 2012

See the battery life and signal strength of your friends' phones with our mobile and web app. Powered by twilio, Batt Signal will send a S.O.S. message to your friends when your battery is running low and can even let them know of your last-known location. Check it out at http://aqueous-citadel-714... Read More