Jens Nockert


Battle programmer at the Offical.fm Labs, mostly working on music-related demos for the Web, from browser plugins to pure Javascript media decoders.

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Doodledrop Submitted

Music Hack Day Stockholm '13

A social discovery real-time rich media content experience.
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Make a collaborative music video with your friends or anyone in the world in spotify. A tool to save your feelings to a certain song.

A lot of html5/css3/web2.0 fluff wtf framewo... Read More

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Youtify In Progress

Way Out West Hack Battle

A web music player with SoundCloud/YouTube/Official.fm backends. On this hackathon we will make a new music discovery mechanism.... Read More

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mp3.rs (AKA the deathplayer3k) Submitted

Music Hack Day Berlin 2014

We want to learn Rust and write some code, so come join us for some MPEG-related goodness!... Read More

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flac(-o-matic-2k).rs Submitted

Music Hack Day Amsterdam

It's a FLAC decode written in the most amaze language of Rust (http://www.rust-lang.org/), which means it is less likely to make your computer eat babies just because you downloaded that lossless copy of Justin Bieber's latest album off of that shady russian download site.... Read More

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The catcheruperer Submitted

Midem Hack Day

Do you find yourself out of date with popular music? The catcheruperer asks you what the last song from the charts you remember is and builds you a playlist containing songs which you should know but don't.

We also add a "new country culture catchup mode", creating a playlist of top recent tracks... Read More