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I am Jesse. I like hacking. I like free food.

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Logo for discrete-boxing

Discrete Boxing Submitted

HackRU - Fall 2012

Boxing without the consequences.... Read More

Logo for stumblr

Stumblr Submitted

PennApps Spring 2013

A Python/Flask web app that takes the user to different Tumblr pages based off of his or her interests. It is essentially like StumbleUpon, but specific to Tumblr blogs, because Tumblr seems to be a common way for people to spend time browsing.

It let's you like/dislike the blogs that appear, as... Read More

YOLO! Submitted


You only live once, so might as well make a arduino powered yoyo.... Read More

Logo for kaushal

Kaushal Submitted

Music Education Hack

Interactive keyboard for kids, math students, sightreading, etc.... Read More

Logo for easy-mood

Easy Mood Submitted

Penn Apps 2012 (Spring)

You supply a zip code, and you are totally immersed into another place.

-You can read the local news
-view the weather
-see the city's mood based on the kitten-meter
-listen to music that has similar moods.and... Read More

Logo for fancifier

Fancifier Submitted


Translate from English to Better English. Or translate to Gangster English and listen to a high quality rapper performing the rhyme. Can't think of anything to translate? Import a random Twitter post.... Read More

Email Terminal In Progress

Battle of the Braces Round 2: PHP

Use the terminal through email. Nice addons, like getting restaurant data, weather, and post to tumblr... Read More

Blaaah In Progress

Monthly Music Hackathon NYC

Yea, this is the stuff... Read More

Logo for lispsy

Lispsy Submitted

Fall 2013 hackNY Student Hackathon

Want to browse the most recent Etsy listings through the badass Emacs OS?

Want to search for NYT articles, or see which bit.ly urls are trending by calling Emacs Lisp functions?

Want to see browsing history stored in Mongodb?

If so, then these lisp functions are for you!... Read More

pov chartbeat Submitted

HackRU Fall 2013

Displays chartbeat data using pov with arduinos.... Read More

Logo for pokemoney

Pokemoney Submitted

HackTCNJ 2014

Play Pokemon on Twitch using Venmo or email!

Send a transaction to our Venmo account Pokemoney and attach your command into the note of the transaction. Watch as your command is carried out in game!

Additionally, email us at inbound@poke-money.bymail.in with the command as the subject and a b... Read More

Logo for shawaaaaaaaam


Spring 2014 HackNY Student Hackathon

Shazam, but for movies.

Take a picture of the movie you're watching and upload it to SHAWAAAAAAAAM to find out what movie it is.
... Read More

emacs jam Submitted

HackRU - Spring 2014

  • A music player for emacs!

also, if you don't feel like torrenting, you can email song requests and get the song back as an attachment

Muahahahhahha!... Read More

Logo for flyyying-through-balls

FLYyyINg through balls Submitted

HackRU Fall 2014

Fly around a starfield with your phone and some lenses! (Or cross your eyes...)

Also gives next bus alerts... Read More