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Extendify Submitted

Music Hack Day Stockholm '13

Extendify is a Google Chrome Extension that adds Spotify Play Buttons on sites with information related to music (artists, playlists, tracks...).

Add it to your Chrome Browser and you will see SPB attached to artist, albums and track pages on this websites:

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Spotify iQuiz Submitted

Music Hack Day Paris #2

An iQuiz-inspired project using the Spotify Web API. It uses the 30s audio previews, cover arts and user's library together with the SpeechSynthesis API. And some other buzzword I forget.

Demo: http://jmperezperez.com/hacks/iquiz/index.html
Source: https://github.com/JMPerez/spotify-iquiz... Read More

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Spotify Popularity & Followers Report Submitted

Music Hack Day London 2014

A report with some insights from Spotify after making many requests to the Spotify Web API.

  • Ranking of the most follower artists
  • Ranking of the most popular artists
  • Ranking of the most followed genres
  • Ranking of the most popular genres
  • Scatterplot of main genres by popularity and fo... Read More