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Logo for soundsculptr

SoundSculptr In Progress

PennApps Spring 2013

Gesture-based music generation & visualization. ... Read More

Learn to Drive Submitted

TechCrunch Disrupt NYC 2013

Learn to Drive is a virtual driving instructor which offers real-time tutorials on basic maneuvers by utilizing text to speech technologies. In addition, this virtual assistant tracks various statistics so that a learner is able to watch and analyze his/her progress. A user is able to easily check h... Read More

Frames In Progress

HackRU Fall 2013

A real-time location-based feed of images that retrieves images taken around you.... Read More

Logo for retention

Retention Submitted

Spring 2014 HackNY Student Hackathon

Uses the spaced repetition algorithm and flashcards to help you memorize names of people from your Facebook groups and friend's list or from your custom flashcards. Sends you notifications from Sendgrid and Twilio to remind you when you should study based on the spaced repetition algorithm. ... Read More

Logo for twitter-multisignin

Twitter-MultiSignin Submitted

HackRU - Spring 2014

Twitter-MultiSignin allows you to sign-in to multiple twitter accounts without having to sign in and out over and over again (or use different browsers). It is easy to use and seamlessly integrated into Twitter. ... Read More