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Tap Along Submitted

MIDEM Hack Day

Your biggest regret ever is not being able to play an instrument? You always wanted to discover the pleasure of playing with other musicians?

"Tap Along" is an iOS and Android app that let you pick a sheet music from the growing collection on MuseScore.com and let you play it, just by tapping the... Read More

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Audiveris as a Service Submitted

Classical Music Hack Day

PDF to MusicXML conversion "in the cloud" using Audiveris OMR software (http://audiveris.org)

You have a piece of paper, or a PDF file of a sheet music and you want to transpose it, fix some errors, or even have the computer play it. Go to http://convert.musescore.com and upload it, wait a couple... Read More

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MuseScore Browser MIDI player Submitted

Music Hack Day Barcelona '13

Practise sheet music directly in a modern browser with a sheet music player with ability to change tempo and mute any staff.... Read More

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MIDI Sync Submitted

MusicHackDay Bologna

When an audio performance and a midi file are available it can lead to nice visualization. Unfortunatly it's extremely rare that an audio performance is recorded together with MIDI performance. This hack tries to f... Read More

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Motion Browser Laser Scoring In Progress

Music Hack Day Barcelona 2014

So you worked hours and hours on scoring your music and next up you want to show it to the world. The hack offers you three options:
* create a motion picture mp4 using MuseScore nightly
* create a HTML5 rendering with Vexflow
* create a laser cut by made-bcn.org

... Read More

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Colorful Seaboard Submitted

Music Hack Day London 2014

A visualization for the Seaboard made with Juce. Pitches are converted to Colors and X coordinates. The color mapping is done along the circle of fifths so the most similar colors are also the best sounding chords. Velocity and aftertouch are mapped to the width of the color trace. Bending is mapped... Read More

Interval Trainer Submitted

Music Hack Day Barcelona 2015

Mobile game that teaches musicians a technique to memorise intervals.

Building further upon a hack from MIDEM Hack Day 2015 (TieTrack), this hack lets the user chose which artists to play the game with. The main challenge of this hack consists in associating an interval to a verse of a known song... Read More