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PizzaParty Submitted

API Hackday NYC 2013

We make it simple to hold a pizza party. Just plug in your location and the number of guests, and we'll take care of everything else.... Read More

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42 Submitted


We take the best of online commerce to personalize the brick and mortar experience.

Imagine walking into a store today: you and every other customer have the same experience. We measure by monthly uniques online, so why do we double count repeat customers in stores?

Now imagine, walking into ... Read More

Chicken Wing, Chicken Wing Submitted

TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2013

Chicken wing, chicken wing. Which chicken wing is better?

In the tech industry we take A/B testing and metric analysis for granted. But smaller restaurants and retailers lack these basic analysis tools, even though they need them the most.

We've built a Clover application that enables restaura... Read More