Manuel Lopez


"Just throw it in there real fast"

I'm a third year Computer Science Major at Rutgers University. I've dabbled inweb apps,basic Javascript game development, and even some cool hardware hacking. Looking to level up my skills with some crazy hackathon projects that will teach me something completely new.

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Logo for isitfracketweather-1

IsItFracketWeather Submitted

HackRU - Fall 2012

team: Manuel Lopez(mannyjl625) + Kyle Johnson (kylejohn)

Helping the wonderful females of Rutgers answer the question of Is Tonight a fracket Night.

fracket: a jacket you wear to frats because you don't mind if at the end of the night, it is covered in beer, frat sludge, or other unidentifiabl... Read More

Logo for laser-tanks

Laser Tanks Submitted

Spring 2013 hackNY Student Hackathon

Arduino-based tank with mounted laser. Tanks face off to shoot each others' photoresistor weak spots and be the last one standing. ... Read More

Logo for ardu-keynotes

Ardu-KeyNotes Submitted


An arduino-based piano keyboard that plays sounds, generates sheet music via javascript... Read More

Leap Duel Submitted

Fall 2013 hackNY Student Hackathon

Leap motion based fighting game hosted on Nodejitsu.... Read More

RU Swipe Swap Submitted

HackRU Fall 2013

Lend or borrow Rutgers meal plan swipes with an arduino and sendgrid!... Read More

Data Doge Submitted

Comedy Hack Day - NYC - June '14

DogeSON as a service.... Read More

Logo for yohackerleague

YoHackerLeague Submitted


Subscribe to the HackerLeague Yo feed and get a yo whenever a new Hackathon is posted in the New York Area... Read More

Chartbeat +potpourri In Progress

hackNY Fellowship 2014 DemoFest

Things that I worked on at chartbeat plus other random projects that are in one way or another related to Sam Agnew... Read More

Logo for sofisticate-dot-me

Sofisticate.me Submitted

Fall 2014 HackNY Student Hackathon

Do your friends think you're uncool? Do you feel left out when they have intellectual conversations about obscure art? With Sofisticate.me, you'll look like the most culturally sophisticated kid on the facebook block. Using artsy API for an artwork dataset, and clarifai's machine-learning image reco... Read More