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L-jay Submitted

Music Hack Day London

Lyrics visualiser performance tool.... Read More

Logo for pimp-my-radio

Pimp My Radio Submitted

Music Hack Day Stockholm '13

A physical standalone radio that connects to a WiFi network and plays music from Spotify based on your daily moments (wakeup, relax, work out, romance, party ).
The radio has a knob control for setting the situation you want and also an lcd screen for showing the lyrics of the current song in syn... Read More

Wallify Submitted

Music Hack Day Paris '13

Wallify is a project that combines multiple iphones together for displaying lyrics in time with the song played from Spotify or iTunes on a Mac.... Read More

Dude, where's my drone? Submitted


Sabato 8 giugno, H19.30 circa, Bologna.

Max Ciociola: "Simone, mi è partito il drone, non l'ho controllato, non so come ma quando ho spento il radiocomando è tornato qua ed è atterrato da solo. Il GPS funziona da dio"

Sabato 8 giugno, H19.45 circa, Bologna.

Max Ciociola: "Simone, stavolta n... Read More

TETRiSH In Progress

MusicHackDay Bologna

A tetris game for Ableton Push. While the game runs on the computer it displays on the Ableton Push LED pads via MIDI and it's also controlled with the Push's arrow buttons.... Read More

Logo for will-it-blend

Will It Blend? Submitted

Music Hack Day San Francisco 2014

Test your musical knowledge!

Do David Bowie and Bing Crosby have anything in common? And what about 2Pac and Elton John?

Discover new music by exploring relations between artists!

musiXmatch API was used to get collaborations, while OpenAura pro... Read More