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LED There Be Rock! In Progress

Music Hack Day Stockholm '13

Stage + Guitar + Cheap XMAS tree lights = LED There Be Rock!


alsa -> python -> processing (arduino) -> XMAS Led lights... Read More

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[EXPLICIT] Feedback In Progress

MIDEM Hack Day

"Explicit Feedback" is a very important aspect to tune and personalize your radio.

Have you ever wonder how it feels to actually give [EXPLICIT] feedback to a playlist?
Using a cheap webcam that detects your hand gesture, the user can love/ban a track, and improve the playlist. Yeah! Middle fing... Read More

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Face the Music In Progress

Music Hack Day Barcelona '13

Def. to receive punishment; to accept the unpleasant results of one's face!



1) Upload an image
2) Detect the face
3) Compare to a DB of... Read More

The Silent Treatment Submitted

Hollywood Hack Day 2013

Welcome to Hollywood, 1913!

A hack made in 24 hours at "Hollywood Hack Day" (2013)

Given any movie, we convert it to a silent film by:

1) Extracting the frames
2) Converting them to B&W and applying a Sepia effect
3) Adding scratches and noise
4) Randomly removing some frames
5) Subsamp... Read More

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EERFY Submitted

Music Hack Day NYC 2013

Solving the Music Industry Problem in 24h.

Slides: http://www.slideshare.net/ocelma/mhd-nyc2013... Read More