Paul Lamere


I am the director of developer platform for The Echo Nest, a music intelligence company located in Boston MA. I am interested in using data about music to help listeners explore for and discover new music. I spend my spare time attending Music Hack Days where I create hacks such as the [Music Maze](http://musicmaze.fm), [Six Degrees of Black Sabbath](http://labs.echonest.com/SixDegrees/) , [Bohemian Rhapsichord](http://static.echonest.com/BohemianRhapsichord/index.html) and the [MIDEM Music Maze](http://static.echonest.com/MidemMusicMachine/index.html).

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Logo for the-infinite-jukebox

The Infinite Jukebox Submitted

Music Hack Day @ MIT

For when your favorite song just isn't long enough

With this Web App you can upload your favorite MP3 and generate an infinite and ever changing version of the song. You can listen to your favorite song forever.

The Web App displays a visualization of the song that shows all the possible path... Read More

Logo for going-undercover

Going Undercover Submitted

Music Hack Day Stockholm '13

Infiltrate new music territory by following chains of cover songs between artists.

Going Undercover

This hack uses the extensive cover song data from SecondHandSongs to construct paths between artists by following chains of cover songs.... Read More

Logo for girl-talk-in-a-box

Girl Talk In A Box Submitted

MIDEM Hack Day

Take Control of your favorite song


Girl Talk in a Box lets you interact with your music. While a song is playing, you can take control, speeding it up, slowing it down, skipping beats and so on. To get started pick a song from the Gallery ... Read More

Logo for the-bonhamizer

The Bonhamizer Submitted

Music Hack Day SF 2013

Some songs just need a little bit of Bonzo

The Bonhamizer will take any song and re-interpret it as it would be if John Bonham of Led Zeppelin was the drummer for the track.


This ... Read More

Logo for rock-steady

Rock Steady Submitted

Music Education Hack

Rock Steady is a drummer training app for the iPhone. You use the app to measure how well you can keep a steady beat. Here’s how it works:

Rock Steady First you add songs from your iTunes collection. The app will then... Read More

Logo for boil-the-frog

Boil the frog Submitted

Music Apps Hack Weekend

Boil the Frog is a Spotify App that creates a playlist that gradually goes from one music style to another. Create a playlist that takes you from Miley Cyrus to Miles Davis in a dozen songs. It's like boiling the proverbial frog - with music.

... Read More

Logo for the-mobiustube

The MobiusTube In Progress

Music Hack Day Denver 2013

For when your favorite music video is not long enough.

The MobiusTube creates a never ending, ever changing version of a Youtube video by dynamically remixing the video based upon internal music similarity.

... Read More

Logo for music-popcorn

Music Popcorn In Progress

Music Hack Day Chicago 2013


Music Popcorn is a music exploration tool that allows you to explore the world of music via the many hundreds of music genres. Genres are grouped into higher level families and are sized based upon their overall popularity. Click on a genre to see ... Read More

Logo for pappa-pauls-awesome-party-playlisting-app

PAPPA - Paul's Awesome Party Playlisting App Submitted

Music Hack Day Boston 2013

PAPPA - Paul's Awesome Party Playlist

PAPPA - takes a novel approach to creating the perfect playlist for your party

There have been a number of Party Playlisters built over the last few years. Typically, these playlisters will let the party guests a... Read More

Logo for the-awesome-chart-explorer

The Awesome Chart Explorer Submitted

Music Hack Day NYC 2013

The Awesome Chart Explorer

The humbly named Awesome Chart Explorer lets you explore over 50 years of Billboard Charts. View how songs move up and down on the charts. Filter the charts based on genre or acoustic attributes such as energy, danceability and ... Read More

Logo for swap-the-drop

Swap the Drop Submitted

Music Hack Day Helsinki 2013

Swap The Drop screenshot

Swap the Drop is an interactive music app that lets you load up a set of songs and play with them. You can beat match, cross fade, create loops and all sorts of crazy bits with the app.... Read More

Logo for attention-deficit-radio

Attention Deficit Radio Submitted

Music Hack Day London 2013

Attention Deficity Radio

Attention Deficit Radio creates a Pandora-like radio experience for music listeners with short attention spans. ADR creates a playlist of just the best parts of the songs. After it plays 30 seconds of a song, AD... Read More

Logo for cannes-burn

Cannes Burn Submitted

MIDEM Music Hack Day 2014

Burn - by Ellie Goulding

Cannes Burn is a dynamic music visualization of the song 'Burn' by Ellie Goulding. Burn uses data from The Echo Nest to synchronize the visualization to the song.

Burn uses ensync.js a library that makes it easy to... Read More

Logo for tokyo-tune-train

Tokyo Tune Train Submitted

Music Hack Day Tokyo 2014

The Tokyo Tune Train is music game where you drive a musical train through a mythical Tokyo.


If you can keep the Tokyo Tune Train on the track, the music for the line plays properly, but if your train jumps the track, so will th... Read More

Logo for the-autocanonizer

The Autocanonizer Submitted

SXSW Music Hackathon Championship

This web app creates a canon of any song by folding, twisting and aligning multiple copies of the song.

The Autocanonizer

The app uses the Echo Nest to break the song up into phrases and beats. Different phrases are aligned against each othe... Read More

Logo for beat-masher-plus-witch-hunt

Beat Masher + Witch Hunt Submitted

Music Hack Day Barcelona 2014

Beat Masher

Real-time audio manipulation on an iPhone

Beat Masher lets you turn any song into its own synthesizer. Beat Masher draws on the samples in a song and manipulates them in a number of interesting ways, at the behest of the performer to yield 'interesting' music.

This is a h... Read More

Logo for wheres-the-drama

Where's the Drama? Submitted

Music Hack Day Berlin 2014

Where's the Drama

This web app will automatically find the most dramatic bits of your favorite song and play it for you.

The app works by fetching the detailed Echo Nest analysis for the track, and searching the loudness data for moments o... Read More

Logo for outside-lands-recommender

Outside Lands Recommender Submitted

Outside Hacks II

Outside Lands Recommender

The Outside Lands Recommender is a web app that generates festival recommendations based upon your Spotify saved tracks.

The Recommender works by pulling in all the saved tracks from your Spotify ‘Your Music’ col... Read More

Logo for midi-talk-in-a-box

MIDI Talk in a Box Submitted

Music Hack Day Boston 2014

Your favorite song is now a musical instrument
help image

MIDI Talk in a Box is an adaptation of Girl Talk in a Box that allows you to use a Launchpad or other MIDI device to play your favorite song like a musical instrument

MI... Read More

Logo for the-drop-machine

The Drop Machine Submitted

Midem Hack Day

The app uses a nifty algorithm to detect the 'drops' in dance music and then uses this algorithm to find the best drops and then creates an endless playlist of just the drops.... Read More