Ragnar Hrafnkelsson


Creative technologist working with interactive sound and music. Director of Reactify - www.reactifymusic.com

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The sampler formerly known as Magnum Infinity Submitted

Music Hack Day Stockholm '13

TSFKAMI, is a musical instrument which creates patches from any sound or music you supply to it.

Specify any directory with music or sounds on your hard drive and the contents will be uploaded to the Echo Nest, which scans each file for short snippets with a pure(ish) pitch. The soundfiles are th... Read More

Logo for music-collective

Music Collective Submitted

MIDEM Hack Day

Music Collective client


A collaborative music game focussing on the phenomenon of how many people, when working together, form a collective 'hive mind'.


Players log on to the game site where each player controls... Read More

Logo for warm-spam

Warm Spam In Progress

Digital Sizzle 6: Art Hackathon

Index spam email messages and turn them into sound compositions.

No one want spam wanted. SPAM WANTED!
You go on FREE website. It good for you now.
Spam emails harvested. Random haiku generated maybe even?
Lovely, darling.
You record short spoken read spam email.
spam email make DELICIOUS 19... Read More

Logo for btljmz

BTLJMZ Submitted

Music Hack Day London 2013

A browser-based music sequencer taking input from Soundcloud or microphone (in theory).

Mix and match and repost your result (in theory).

Pick a track from a user generated feed (though there are no users yet), mash with other tracks, and put your own mark on it by adding effects and goats.... Read More

Logo for interfunction-audience-orchestra

INTERFUNCTION - audience orchestra Submitted

Music Hack Day Barcelona 2014

Interfunction is a tool that enables multiplayer mobile phone performance, conducted by a single device selecting chords. The audience can join the orchestra on their own device, via a website (lalluvia.com/if), and perform using the accelerometer. The performance will be augmented by Mogees, a devi... Read More