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Adding new dimensions to music

Reactify builds groundbreaking mobile apps for labels and artists, interactive music installations for events and festivals, custom musical instruments for the stage, and much more.

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Tweetbed Submitted

Digital Sizzle 6: Art Hackathon

A lovely little visualisation and sonification of the UK's trending topics on Twitter.... Read More

Logo for float-dance

Float Dance In Progress

Music Hack Day London

A collaborative remix tool based on Box2D, Node.js and Pure Data, all tied together with openFrameworks.

Download the Mac app from http://bit.ly/floatdance

More info at http://reactifymusic.com/portfolio/float-dance/

Made by Owen Hindley and Reactify.... Read More

Logo for music-collective

Music Collective Submitted

MIDEM Hack Day

Music Collective client


A collaborative music game focussing on the phenomenon of how many people, when working together, form a collective 'hive mind'.


Players log on to the game site where each player controls... Read More

Of Sound Mind Submitted

Music Hack Day Barcelona '13

Control an ambient piece of music using your brain waves...kind of.

Original music: Wolf 539 by Jonny Kates
http://open.spotify.com/album/2SFod6LSOdDgyartQ70JX3... Read More

Logo for dj-spotify

DJ Spotify Submitted

MIDEM Music Hack Day 2014

Ability to play full DJ sets, including beat-matching and effects, with Spotify as the content source.

A second instance of Spotify is hosted in a virtual machine allowing two consecutive streams.

I've also made a Spotify app to tell you the Key and BPM of any of your playlists.... Read More

Resonate Submitted

Music Hack Day Berlin 2014

A real-time, reactive visualization for live music performance.

The audience can react to the beat by using the accelerometer on their phones, while seeing the pulse of the beat reflected on the screen.

Built with WebSockets, Processing, Max for Live.... Read More

Logo for raspberry-poi

Raspberry Poi Submitted

Music Hack Day London 2014

Next generation poi spinners will not only be able to dazzle with their impressive displays of light and fire, but will also be able to make sweet beats out of their movements, in realtime.

Custom 3D printed poi report their orientation and angular velocity to Pure Data via Bluetooth to create mu... Read More

Logo for locus

Locus Submitted

Music Hack Day Barcelona 2015

Locus is a interactive album concept where piece are presented not as individual tracks, but as one continuous body of music.... Read More