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Free Food: The RU App-e-Tight Submitted

HackRU - Fall 2012

What's cheaper than cheap food? FREE food! This Android app scans recent tweets from Twitter and uses the Rutgers api to find events that offer food for free.

Now on Google Play! Click "View Website" to see it on the Play store.

INSTALL DEMO: If you're currently on your Android phone, click "V... Read More

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Stumblr Submitted

PennApps Spring 2013

A Python/Flask web app that takes the user to different Tumblr pages based off of his or her interests. It is essentially like StumbleUpon, but specific to Tumblr blogs, because Tumblr seems to be a common way for people to spend time browsing.

It let's you like/dislike the blogs that appear, as... Read More

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Splash Page Submitted

Spring 2013 hackNY Student Hackathon

Collaborative painting between mobile devices, and a display page using web sockets!... Read More

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Vireo Submitted

Hack TCNJ 2013

Vireo gets tweets, and composes music out of them based off of the mood of the tweet, and the patterns of characters contained within. ... Read More

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Have I Downloaded This Before? Submitted


Keep your downloads folder clean by preventing duplicates.

The source is available here: https://github.com/yefim323/Have-I-Downloaded-This-Before... Read More

Duck Duck No Submitted

Fall 2013 hackNY Student Hackathon

Duck Duck No is an anonymous search engine that betrays you by sending all of your search information directly to the NSA. Because if you have to search anonymously, you MUST be a terrorist!... Read More

Barry White's Radical Spiral of Love Submitted

Y-Hack @ Yale

Play as Barry White skateboarding down a spiral to his classic tune "Can't Get Enough of Your Love Baby."... Read More

WebPeb Submitted


WebPeb is a chrome extension that allows your pebble to control aspects of your web browser. If you flick your pebble left/right the tab's switch similarly. A punching motion closes the current tab, and retracting the punch reopens it. Additionally, the buttons on the pebble act as scroll buttons.... Read More

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Twitch Plays Pokemon Plays HackTCNJ Plays Super Mario Land Submitted

HackTCNJ 2014

What happens when you take all of the button input from "Twitch Plays Pokemon" and pipe it into Super Mario Land for the gameboy? CHAOTIC AWESOMENESS!

This is a gameboy emulation hack in which our IRC bot listens to the commands given in the Twitch Plays Pokemon chat. Our original plan was to ha... Read More

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2048 Against Cancer Submitted

Spring 2014 HackNY Student Hackathon

Authenticate with Venmo, and play a 2048 spin off in which each keypress donates a penny to one of my best friends who happens to be suffering from brain cancer.... Read More

Data Doge Submitted

Comedy Hack Day - NYC - June '14

DogeSON as a service.... Read More

YoBot In Progress


An IRC bot for YO... Read More

Foodbot Submitted

hackNY Fellowship 2014 DemoFest

A Hubot plugin for group based food ordering... Read More