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Rails Roads and Runways Submitted

PennApps Spring 2013

We're busy finding you the cheapest available path to your destination. ... Read More

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Jamcircle Submitted

Music Education Hack

Music hackathons.

We're bring the energetic, competitive, and collaborative fire of hackathons to music at high schools in New York City.

A teacher, mentor, or student can set up a Jam Circle in which students submit their jams, give each other feedback, and have a lot of fun!... Read More

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company insights In Progress

hackNY Fellowship 2013 DemoFest

get insight on companies before you buy from them
might change idk haven't decided... Read More

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Knock Factor Authentication Submitted

Y-Hack @ Yale

Two-factor authentification made as a simple as a knock.

Knock your phone twice, and our Chrome extension automatically fills in any two-factor auth code.

It's Knock for two-factor auth.... Read More

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Knock Factor Submitted

2014 hackNY almuNY ReuNYon Demos

Two-factor authentification made as a simple as a knock.... Read More