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LeapMix In Progress

MIDEM Hack Day

Control audio tracks with your hands... Read More

Tune-a-Fish In Progress

Digital Sizzle 6: Art Hackathon

We are creating our own natural uncontrollable data set.

We like to think this hack, is a totally different kettle of fish.

Using classically trained goldfish, we are generating tone tunes based off of their movement and positioning.

Matching the brand colours of the sponsoring venue, we th... Read More

AwesomeBot Submitted


A wheely robot that's supposed to avoid objects... Read More

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MusicBrickWallBrickWallMusic Submitted

Music Hack Day London 2014

A projection-mapped musical wall where players connect with a phone to take control of a musical brick. Each player controls a drum loop, guitar riff, bass, vocals, etc in order to live-remix 1901 by Phoenix.... Read More