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SpareTick In Progress

MIDEM Hack Day

SpareTick helps people find (or get rid of) tickets to show they want to go to (or can't go to), using Twitter.

Tweet with the hashtag #needticket or #spareticket and we'll tweet you back if anyone has any tickets you might be interested in (or wants your tickets).... Read More

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Notepad Submitted

Music Hack Day London 2013

Draw a piano on a paper pad, and start playing it!

Notepad uses your webcam to detect the piano you just drew and your fingers, and starts playing notes when you press keys on your paper piano.... Read More

Skrillex Invader 20 Submitted

MIDEM Music Hack Day 2014

Skrillex Invader 20 is a small game designed to help you improve your skills on a piano keyboard (or that's what it is supposed to be).

Imagine Guitar Hero meets Space Invaders meets Skrillex meets a Piano Keyboard.

The game features four different difficulty levels, each increasing the number... Read More