Viviana Espinosa


Viviana Espinosa is a Design Lecturer for the City University of New York college system. She has a Masters degree in Interaction Design from the New York University, and a Bachelor in Graphic Design from Western Connecticut State University. She has spent her life drawing inspiration from her native roots and travel. Whenever she's not teaching, you can find her on the road or working on a personal project.

Before she knew what design was, she was already a designer, spending countless hours figuring out how to improve a font, making books, clothing, how to make better use of an object, exploring techniques and materials and much more, hobbies she currently employs with the addition interactivity mainly making them insightful installations.

Her professional career includes Publishing of a bilingual newspaper, being an Art Director for a major brand at renowned retail stores, currently a web designer and front-end developer, and being a product designer. During the recent years of her career the environment has been the focus of her design, due to the fact that she spent close to ten years as a design manager and advocate of a public transit agency, where she drew further inspiration for her present installations.

Works have been exhibited at Western Connecticut State University, New York University, Conflux Festival and at The Lab.

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Foursquare Hackathon 2013

fourcab is an app built on top of the foursquare and Twilio APIs

what does fourcab do?
fourcab saves taxi riders' cash! fourcab connects people checked into a venue (or nearby) who want to share a taxi to nearby destinations

how does fourcab work?
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