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Instagramophone Submitted

PennApps Spring 2013

Instagram for audio!
Record an audio soundbite and apply various filters before posting the SoundCloud link to Facebook or Twitter.
https://github.com/dinalamdany/instagramophone... Read More

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Recommendr Submitted

Spring 2012 hackNY Student Hackathon

Ever feel like the Tumblr Explore tab is too broad? Ever want to stalk your friends or enemies? Then Recommendr is right for you.

Just give a Tumblr page and it will display a summary of the top three most related Tumblr pages based on weighted factors including direct reblogs, likes, and similar... Read More

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Look See Submitted

Fall 2013 hackNY Student Hackathon

Look See

A web app that allows drawn annotations on a live mobile-video feed in order to guide the mobile user - potential applications for remote customer service and tech support.

Utilizes WebRTC to stream video peer to peer and HTML5 canvas to provide annotations.
**Only recent versions ... Read More