Beautiful Hacks

Collection of hacks built by developers across several hundred hackathons!

Flux In Progress

Esri Human Health and Climate Change App Challenge

The app that maps the health of the city and its surrounding areas.... Read More

CommonSense In Progress

Curious Codefest

CommonSense helps teachers make sense of the common core standards through a visual map that can be navigated to: (1) understand the knowledge and skills required for a given grade ; (2) see the standards as a progression across the different grades ; (3) get information, resources, and relevant con... Read More

bablX In Progress

Curious Codefest

An application for crowdsourcing language instruction.... Read More

Logo for smartlearn

SmartLearn In Progress

Curious Codefest

SmartLearn is a web-based automatic grading interface for middle school English-speaking students. With the Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Identity and Document APIs, SmartLearn uses machine learning to provide easy-to-read, actionable metrics on writing score development--including progress on spelling,... Read More

RS485ToCloud Submitted

Intel® IoT Roadshow в Санкт-Петербурге

Краткое описание:
Система сбора, передачи и хранения в облаке данных датчиков сети RS485 с последующим оповещением о нештатных ситуациях.

Подробное описание проекта:
Интерфейс RS-485 обеспечивает обмен данными между несколькими устройствами по одной двухпроводной линии связи в полудуплексном ре... Read More

Smart Avatar Submitted

Intel® IoT Roadshow в Санкт-Петербурге

Короткое описание: Голосовой помощник из фильма "Железный человек".

Длинное описание: Домашний голосовой помощник, выполняющий все ваши команды. Он может вызвать такси и легко наполнит пустой холодильник, заказав продукты под ваши предпочтения. Зачитает голосом вашу почту и интересные новос... Read More

AutoTagger In Progress

Curious Codefest

This tool will help to automatically tag HWs and Assignments so that content of the curicullum can be categorized in a better way.... Read More

Rate Up Submitted

Curious Codefest

This app empowers students, allowing them to anonymously rate and comment on their classmates' behaviors and attitude in a 1 to 5 stars system. Teachers will receive the students' feedback and will be able to export reports to be aware of the students' social situation in their school, as well as ge... Read More

Good Corps In Progress

Curious Codefest

Croudsource student confidence against bullying behavior.... Read More

Curior Submitted

Curious Codefest

Foster, encourage and award curiosity by allowing inquiries and responses in all forms. ... Read More

LrnTown Submitted

Curious Codefest

LrnTown is a solution that takes parent-teacher communication to the next level.
Our solution (mobile initially) facilitates a constant dialogue between parents and teachers leading to the better overall performance of students.... Read More

PrepIO In Progress

Curious Codefest

PrepIO is a seamless platform that connects teacher and parents with their students. Using PrepIO, a teacher can distribute tests, quizzes, and homework assignments, and track individual and class performance. PrepIO also allows parent-student performance transparency. Parents can monitor student pe... Read More

Logo for synapse

Synapse In Progress

Curious Codefest

Visualizing connnections between learned topics through an open online environment. ... Read More

InstaRep In Progress

Curious Codefest

InstaRep is a light-weight interactive web application that allows teachers to easily send parents weekly updates via SMS. ... Read More

Tricam Teacher Tools In Progress

Curious Codefest

A autograder for teachers... Read More

Learning Takes a Village Submitted

Curious Codefest

Objective: To create a platform that helps to provide a better learning for our children

Problem: Teachers are stretched thin and school rankings as well as student performance is declining in many schools. Students who fall behind in class have very few real time remedial options until parents f... Read More

Lighthouse In Progress

Curious Codefest

Lighthouse... Read More

Instattendance In Progress

Curious Codefest

Insttattendance is an application designed to maximize teacher's instruction time by expediting one simple but time consuming, crucial aspect of teaching: taking attendance! This app will enable students to show attendance to class by using their mobile phones and using the QR code technology.... Read More

Logo for chunkr

Chunkr Submitted

Curious Codefest

Imagine this: You're writing an essay for your English class. You've just started a few hours ago. You're barely on your second page when you receive a message from one of your fellow classmates: "Outstanding Introduction You're really capturing the reader! Just make sure you don't forget your Oxfor... Read More

laal Submitted

Intel® IoT Roadshow в Санкт-Петербурге

Система 3D-сканирования помещений в реальном времени.

Проект laal — это настоящий лазерный радар, который способен без шума и пыли получить объемную модель помещения, со всеми предметами, жителями, гостями, врагами и друзьями внутри.
— Кто-то вошел в комнату, и нужно зажечь свет и включить музык... Read More

Logo for teachteam

TeachTeam Submitted

Curious Codefest

Our product helps to build the relationship between parents and teachers - the TeachTeam. The product is a portal where teachers and parents can communicate about their student and maintain a relationship throughout the entire year. The portal will provide parents and students with regular updates o... Read More

Logo for parentportal

parentPortal Submitted

Curious Codefest

Research in health, education, and child development has consistently shown that parent engagement in schools is linked to better academic performance, behavior, and social emotional skills. One way to encourage parent engagement is by providing transparency around student progress, and having clear... Read More

Logo for scrumble

Scrumble Submitted

Curious Codefest

Scrumble uses Scrum and Agile methods to help teachers plan and implement project based learning in their classrooms!... Read More

After School FLIP In Progress

Curious Codefest

Flipped Classrooms count on students watching assigned videos for homework.

  • 45% of low income students attend an After School program with Homework support.

Our system is an innovative way to support the teachers and volunteers in after school programs. Teachers will know who has what v... Read More

Logo for canread

CanRead In Progress

Curious Codefest

eBooks are awesome -- all those bells and whistles, videos, links to click, buttons!

They're not so awesome if you're one of the millions of people who have dyslexia or another language-based learning disability.

CanRead extracts a stream of text from an e-book and hands it to Spritz, a te... Read More