Beautiful Hacks

Collection of hacks built by developers across several hundred hackathons!

Creating a Neo4j database with IRS county-to-county network data In Progress

CITY DATA Hackathon

We will be working on creating a Neo4j graph database for the IRS county-to-county migration data so that particular subsets are easily able to be queried and produced as tables. ... Read More

Harlem Block Produce In Progress

The First Annual Blhackathon!

A social networking site that connects farmers and gardeners to health-conscious consumers.... Read More

Remember2Read Submitted

The First Annual Blhackathon!

Today, we’ll be talking about Remember2Read, an innovative app that sends text notifications that remind parents to read, buy books, and visit libraries and book stores with their children. This answers the growing trend of parents that do read to young black children.
... Read More

Granttour Submitted

The First Annual Blhackathon!

Granttour is an app focused on assisting people of diverse backgrounds in maneuvering the grant finding process with ease and accessibility. With a focus on the African American community we intend to bridge the gap between this demographic and the current lack of access to these types of resources ... Read More

Ohana In Progress

The First Annual Blhackathon!

Ohana is an iPhone based application that aims to fix the broken home problem that ails the African American community.... Read More

Logo for cheapcounselor

CheapCounselor Submitted

The First Annual Blhackathon!

A college advisory marketplace. ... Read More

Logo for savingcircle

SavingCircle Submitted

The First Annual Blhackathon!

Savings Circle transforms the collective everyday buying power of friends and family networks into tangible financial support for aspiring grads
... Read More

Black Magic Submitted

The First Annual Blhackathon!

An educational tool designed to raise awareness of Black folk of significant achievement in celebration of Black History Month. Each day, the app will profile a person, their contributions to society and the impact those contributions make today.

Children in grade school can use this app in order... Read More

Drone Merc In Progress

Los Angeles Hackster Hardware Weekend

We will be brainstorming ways to hack drones to take them out of the skys

for the lulz... Read More

Logo for disaster-recovery-data-center

Disaster Recovery Data Center Submitted

Texas vs Indiana Challenge

For IDHS: Citizen Disaster Recovery Project Challenge

Key Features:
- Disaster Incident Recovery Management: multiple disaster incident instances
- One-Stop-Shop Information and Data Hub: multiple instances of One Stop Shop
-Individuals Affected by Disaster Support... Read More

Logo for txdot-my35-mobile-app

TxDoT My35 Mobile App Submitted

Texas vs Indiana Challenge

We threw together a simple mobile app for listing road closures and construction on I-35 using data provided by TxDoT through

We took two demo videos:
App Demo Video -
Admin Dashboard Video -

Dan Pat... Read More

Logo for the-ayuda-project

The Ayuda Project Submitted

Texas vs Indiana Challenge

The Ayuda Project (Ayuda) was created in response to the IN Dept. of Homeland Security: Citizen Disaster Recovery Checklist challenge. This application is a web app built using responsive design so it functions on mobile phones. Ayuda incorporates many features that go above and beyond the original ... Read More

Logo for idhs-sos-app

IDHS S.O.S. App Submitted

Texas vs Indiana Challenge

Save Our Stuff

    The IDHS S.O.S. app, or the Indiana Department of Homeland Security Save Our Stuff app, is aimed at helping those affected by natural disasters by allowing them to quickly register their needs and giving agencies a way to track the needs of thos... Read More

Logo for project-indoss

Project INDOSS Submitted

Texas vs Indiana Challenge

Project INDOSS (IN Dept. of Homeland Security’s One Stop Shop) was created by Andrew Smith and Scott Maitland. The goal of the project was to create an application that met and exceed the requirements of the Indiana Department of Homeland Security’s: Citizen’s Disaster Recovery Checklist Challenge. ... Read More

Logo for idemsmart

IDEMsmart Submitted

Texas vs Indiana Challenge

Web application for user management, and a prototype for permits applications and facilities management for better and faster permits applications process for the state of Indiana.

Built using Node JS, MongoDB, and hosted on Amazon Web Services.

Team Members:
Abdal Elhassani
Alison O'Shea... Read More

Logo for my-childcare

My ChildCare Submitted

Texas vs Indiana Challenge

My ChildCare App

Beautiful and simple way to find and review child care providers in The Great State of Texas.

The mobile application that assists guardians in finding the most fitting child care providers based on their search criteria.
Offers search and results filtering to m... Read More

Logo for dude-where-is-my-tram

Dude, Where is my Tram? In Progress

Open Data Day 2015 Mannheim

result was a map with all delayed trams and some statistics... Read More

Was macht mein Landtagsabgeordneter? In Progress

Open Data Day 2015 Mannheim

Die Abgeordneten im Landtag von Baden-Württemberg starten jeden Monat viele Initiativen und Anfragen zu ganz unterschiedlichen Themen. Wir wollen diese Daten besser zugängig machen und aufbereiten.
Angedachte Features:
- Benachrichtigung bei neuen Anfragen des eigenen Landtagsabgeordneten oder be... Read More

Logo for qa-editor-for-osm

QA Editor for OSM In Progress

Open Data Day 2015 Mannheim

Erweiterung vom QA Editor für OpenStreetMap. Jetzt können auch Ways ohne Sideways angezeigt werden und auch die Richtung der Ways wird angezeigt... Read More

Logo for mapnificent-rhein-neckar

Mapnificent Rhein-Neckar In Progress

Open Data Day 2015 Mannheim

Shows you areas you can reach with public transport in a given time.
Data: VRN API ... Read More

Logo for air-vu

Air VU Submitted

Festival Hack Day - as part of the 6 Music Festival

An Arduino based project using the Meyda audio feature extraction library to create a photographic visualisation of an audio track. The audio is played in a web browser where it is analysed and a value representing an audio level is sent back to the server. The server has a script running that proxi... Read More

Logo for setlister

SetLister Submitted

Festival Hack Day - as part of the 6 Music Festival

'Setlister' is a website that gives you the ability to vote for the songs you want your favourite band to play live.

With interactive polling, bands can discover the songs their fans are dying to hear and add them to their setlist. During live performances audiences can vote for what songs they ... Read More

Hot Hot Tweet Submitted

Festival Hack Day - as part of the 6 Music Festival


Get a real time view of who is most talked about on twitter in your festival line up!
See globally the reach of your artist and allow festival goers to interact with the player.

(during demo tweet "@rihanna #festivalhack");
... Read More

Logo for dial-a-festival

Dial-A-Festival Submitted

Festival Hack Day - as part of the 6 Music Festival

You're on the way to the 6 Music Festival, you're looking forward to seeing all the bands, but you're not sure which ones to go and see. You've not even heard many of them. How do you choose?

Just Dial-A-Festival and listen to clips of all the bands playing. Rate the clips 0-9 with your phone key... Read More