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Collection of hacks built by developers across several hundred hackathons!

Logo for baltimore-city-vacancy-x-ray

Baltimore City Vacancy X-ray Submitted

Esri Data Viz App Challenge

Explore the distribution of vacant and abandoned buildings in Baltimore City, and how that has changed in recent years. ... Read More

Logo for global-forest-watch-fires

Global Forest Watch Fires Submitted

Esri Data Viz App Challenge

Elegant data visualizations are critical for informing pertinent decisions. NASA MODIS Active Fires are tracked across the world by policy makers and first responders. By usi... Read More

Logo for the-unfinished-work

The Unfinished Work Submitted

Esri Data Viz App Challenge

"The Unfinished Work" is an ArcGIS Web Map Application about The Union Army during the U.S. Civil War.

The Gettysburg Address is a speech by U.S. President Abraham Lincoln on November 19, 1863, at the dedication of the Soldiers' National Cemetery in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. It was just four and ... Read More

Logo for ce-for-masagro

CE for MasAgro Submitted

Esri Data Viz App Challenge

Conservation Earth (CE) for MasAgro project is an easy-to-use and configurable app that allows users to visualize in near real time collected field data from farmers using conservation agriculture and traditional technologies around Mexico country.

CE is more than a computer program, it is the vi... Read More

Logo for make-it-rain

Make It Rain! Submitted

Esri Data Viz App Challenge


This application visualizes how precipitation flows over the ground. Users can click on the map anywhere in the State of Iowa to see how water moves on terrain and river network as a smooth animation of water particles.


ArcGIS API for JavaScript, JavaScript,... Read More

Logo for collaborative-ems-protocols

Collaborative EMS Protocols Submitted

AT&T Tech Valley Civic App Challenge

Medical Protocols for over six counties which provide medical care and medical authority call routing function to each EMS provider. Additionally, the APP provides mapping location link and GPS guidance for the EMS vehicles enabling the fastest plot to the destination hospitals. Making a difference ... Read More

Logo for delitos-acontecidos-en-el-estado-lara-durante-el-ano-2014

Delitos acontecidos en el Estado Lara Durante el año 2014 In Progress

Esri Data Viz App Challenge

Por quinto año consecutivo Barqisimeto capital del estado lara se posiciona entre las primeras 20 ciudades más violentas del mundo, según el conteo anual publicado por la asociación civil mexicana Consejo Ciudadano para la Seguridad Pública y Justicia Penal. En el listado figuran cuatro ciudades ven... Read More

Logo for cape-cod-community-metrics

Cape Cod Community Metrics Submitted

Esri Data Viz App Challenge

The Cape Cod Commission is the regional planning agency of Barnstable County, better known as the curving 60-mile peninsula of Cape Cod which stretches from Provincetown in the northeast to Woods Hole in the southwest. The 15 towns that make up cape cod are unique, each with their own character and... Read More

Logo for city-of-monterey-public-works-projects-map

City of Monterey Public Works Projects Map Submitted

Esri Data Viz App Challenge

The City of Monterey passed a ballot measure to impose a 1-percent sales tax to raise funds for infrastructure improvements and maintenance. The success of Measure P means that over the next 4 years, many parts of the city will be dealing with construction, as roads are re-paved, storm drains are r... Read More

Logo for flood-simulator

Flood Simulator Submitted

Esri Data Viz App Challenge

Mapping a flood real time is almost impossible, it is always cloudy, need a satellite overpass, radar is better but expensive and many more stories.

Thanks to NASA/USGS releasing STRTM2 (30m) DEM

Flood simulator uses SRTM2 to simulate a flood extend.

On the interface the user enters a river... Read More

Logo for cape-cod-chronologies

Cape Cod Chronologies Submitted

Esri Data Viz App Challenge

The Cape Cod Commission's Historical Data Site was developed as part of the Regional Policy Plan Update. It displays historical data, aerial mapping and other data sets in a geo-referenced viewer and is driven by a GIS data and mapping application.
... Read More

Colective Inteligence Atlas for the Bogotá River Region Submitted

Esri Data Viz App Challenge

The application "Colective Inteligence Atlas for the Bogotá River Region" is an interesting collection of geographic information to improve the water and land management of the Bogotá River Region. There are a lot of stakeholders that work and have information of the region, but there is not a way w... Read More

Detect Changes Between two raster images Submitted

Esri Data Viz App Challenge

We have a problem in the Middle East area.
The problem is "it's so difficult for governments to monitor the huge area of desert". So some people go to this non-monitoring areas with their families and after long period the government has to give this land as a gift to them. But if the government kn... Read More

Logo for geotwitter

GeoTwitter Submitted

Esri Data Viz App Challenge

GeoTwitter is a web application that offer the users to search and visualise near real time tweets on the map.

Some of the key points of this application:

1.Visualisation of near real-time tweets on a map.
2.Helps the decision makers to visualise the feedback from the customers based on a geo... Read More

Logo for deadly-us-storms-visualization-app

Deadly U.S. Storms Visualization App Submitted

Esri Data Viz App Challenge


This application uses NOAA Storm Data from 1996-2014 to help you visualize the density and distribution of storm types across the United States. It was built using Esri's JavaScript API and new [Sm... Read More

Logo for washington-states-county-high-points

Washington State's County High Points Submitted

Esri Data Viz App Challenge

Welcome to Washington State's County High Points. This application will tour through all 39 county high points and give quick snapshots of information, topo maps, and useful links. including; Summit Post page, current weather conditions, Google Map links, and ownership information. ... Read More

Logo for office-space-on-location

Office Space: On Location Submitted

Esri Data Viz App Challenge

Where was Office Space filmed? It doesn't take place in a specific city. The setting is intentionally unknown. If you ever wondered where it was filmed, you can use this website to view some of the locations. See exactly where the Initech building and other Office Space places are really located... Read More

Wisdome In Progress

Intel® IoT Roadshow Berlin, Germany

Connected decision making through crowd wisdom.... Read More

Logo for pigylet-get-passive-data-from-all-your-existing-devices

Pigylet - get passive data from all your existing devices Submitted

Intel® IoT Roadshow Berlin, Germany

Instead of connecting your devices directly to an power outlet you plug the Pigylet in between the wall socket and your device.
This gives us the opportunity to collect distinct data about power consumption, usage patterns, malfunction and many other things in order to notify you about the current ... Read More

Smart Patch In Progress

Intel® IoT Roadshow Berlin, Germany

It is a smart patch using Edison... Read More

Logo for anticloudedit-webinterface-for-easy-to-use-python-programming

AntiCloudEdit | Webinterface for easy-to-use python programming In Progress

Intel® IoT Roadshow Berlin, Germany

This saturday i started programming a non cloud ( :( ) platform for very easy to use development of python applications - it is not using blocks for programming, but code as in your well known IDE. It will work on any python supporting platform (like the intel edison) with a network connection run... Read More

Logo for vizitpl

VizItPL! Submitted

Esri Data Viz App Challenge

The map tells a story about the Presidential election results in Poland. The main purpose of this app is to increase understanding of voter behaviour, based on examination of the complex, statistical and publically available data. The main app capabilities are:

  • Show presidential election result... Read More

Whatsapp softphone Submitted

Intel® IoT Roadshow Berlin, Germany

A softphone using the Whatsapp protocol, with yowsup to run a Whatsapp client, a buzzer/lcd to notify/display messages, a usb keyboard to type/dial, and syncing via the cloud

Just to get feedback...... Read More

Logo for online-coffee-machine

Online Coffee machine In Progress

Intel® IoT Roadshow Berlin, Germany

This Coffee machine is going to replace the machines present at universities, train stations and other public places in world. The advantage of online coffee machine is that it can be adjusted according to person's taste i.e sugar, honey, water, milk e.t.c are added as per requirement. The payment c... Read More