Beautiful Hacks

Collection of hacks built by developers across several hundred hackathons!

TARDIS party In Progress


Building a TARDIS (undecided size) while watching Doctor Who. Will have snacks. Kudos to whomever finds the swimming pool. Feel free to come and go.... Read More

If you can't stand the heat, come in from the cold. In Progress


Compact refrigerators are popular in KUA dorm rooms. Proctors, students with Health Center exemptions from the “no fridge” rule, and an unknown number of covertly deployed fridges are in use in dorm rooms around campus. Unfortunately, mini fridges often use as much electricity or more than full-s... Read More

Canary Standards Submitted

Warrant Canary Design & Coding Challenge

Technical Standards for Warrant Canaries

Note: This document is available in .doc and .pdf format.

  1. Goal Currently, the website has to write individual code for each warrant canary submitted. The process would be much faster if companies could select one of a few me... Read More

Helping Hands In Progress


I want to 3D Print a functional prosthetic hand using the Cyborg Beast model. :)
Would love to have people join me!
- Mallory ... Read More

"Hey Jarvis?" In Progress


I would like to wire the whole makers space with small microphones and speakers so that when anywhere in the building one can say "Hey Jarvis?" and then ask a question which will be put into a google search and give answers that will be played over the speaker nearest the mic that picked up the ques... Read More

StudEbuddies In Progress

AT&T Tech Valley Civic App Challenge

What is the most challenging factor for freshman and transfer students?
What do students like to do while being productive and engaged with the school?
What does every student want out of college besides education?

To answer all these questions, we build a mobile application and website called ... Read More



I want to design a customizable tshirt for the event and make one for every participant! I would love some help!... Read More

Platform - Computer Science / Programming related Skills In Progress

EDU{Hacks} Mannheim

Hat jmd. Lust sich dort mit mir Gedanken um eine Plattform/ein Seminar für das Erlernen von Software Engineering / Coding / andere Computer Science / Bewerbung / Soft skills für den deutschen/europäischen Raum zu machen ? Habe festgestellt, dass der der amerikanische Markt doch sehr groß aber meist ... Read More

Global Terrorism Analysis In Progress

Esri Data Viz App Challenge

Analysing terrorist events and attacks that occurred worldwide.... Read More

The Spanish Way In Progress

Esri Data Viz App Challenge

How much can offer a city? What about if we also introduce all the surrounding area? Check this map and you will be able to know what Valencia (Spain) can offer to you :D... Read More

Singapore Dengue Map In Progress

Esri Data Viz App Challenge

Singapore Dengue map with operation dashboard... Read More

Spatial Econometric analysis of County-to-County migration In Progress

CITY DATA Hackathon

This project will focus on a spatial regression analysis of county-to-county migration on various county-level socio-demographic variables. This project will attempt to account for any spatial autocorrelation in migration rates at the county level.... Read More

RetroSense In Progress

Media Hack Day - Connected Car

Your're not in the position of owning a up to date car?

Here is our solution: RetroSense.

RetroSense will give you the possibility to add tyre pressure sensors to any car, reading the current value using an Android-App and uploading the data to a webdatabase. ... Read More

SpaceCar Submitted

Media Hack Day - Connected Car

SpaceCar is a tactile, realistic car simulator that allows to virtually drive routes any place on the earth. It is a framework to test connected/autonomous car applications that use a windshield display (HUD) and/or ambient displays. SpaceCar can show an arbitrary image or video stream (in our case ... Read More

Logo for cartron

cartron Submitted

Media Hack Day - Connected Car

This is a very last-minute contribution. Development just started today Sunday 11:15am
The idea is to let two cars play the classical "tron" game against each together.

A protoype can be found here:

Enjoy .-)
... Read More

Spot | Carspotting Social Status Network Submitted

Media Hack Day - Connected Car

Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche - it's all about Status.

SPOT is capturing offline experiences to embrace online social capital of owners of high luxury cars. SPOT is a social network which brings together luxury car owners and car spotters in urban metropolitan areas.

Screen 1: Splash Screen... Read More

Logo for topstich

TopStich Submitted

Media Hack Day - Connected Car

Real time visual representation of a cars performance, which can be used as a widget across any website or connected device, or you can replay your journeys or track time after the event, and share with friends.

The data updates every second (more frequent with a better price plan) providing read... Read More

Standing App In Progress

Media Hack Day - Connected Car

App only usable when standing still ... Read More

Logo for placeplay

PlacePlay Submitted

Media Hack Day - Connected Car

inspiration application that suggests your music based on information obtained from the car... Read More

Voice Controlled Car Experience Submitted

Media Hack Day - Connected Car

Enjoy your latest Heise Online news and more multimedia features in your car. Hands free! With bells and whistles!... Read More

Livable Cities for Millenials In Progress

CITY DATA Hackathon

Using several articles from The Atlantic as motivation:

I would like to ... Read More

Logo for easy-benefits

Easy Benefits Submitted


Simple retirement plans for SMB's to attract top talent employees.... Read More

Logo for diva-entertainment-system

DIVA Entertainment System Submitted

Media Hack Day - Connected Car


Connect the car with your friends and control the entertainment system via your mobile device together!

Imagine a car full of divas driving to a shopping outlet. Every one of them is excited and want to listen to their music or ... Read More

SmartSpace Harlem Submitted


List a map co-working spaces, incubators, and accelerators available in Harlem.... Read More

Logo for tech-bud

Tech Bud Submitted


Everyone needs a tech buddy. Someone they know is reliable fast and trustworthy.

The Tech Bud App is your fast, reliable, and trusted Helpdesk and IT support service in the palm of your hand. Whether its looking for answers to your IT issues or top trending issues, Tech Bud is the solution to ge... Read More