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How to hack whats app Submitted

Emotiv Code Challenge

Below we will show you a few methods by which you can Hack WhatsApp.

The methods mentioned here are solely for educational purposes. You should restrain yourself from any illegal activities. Forget Illegal, You should not do any immoral or unethical activities either. Why are we sharing this the... Read More

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babycodeassbitch Submitted

Emotiv Code Challenge

I will be hacking a presidential site
and u can hack any site u disire... Read More

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wifi password hacker / wibr+ Submitted

Emotiv Code Challenge

super app for android mobile... Read More

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Legal Strength Holographic Will App Submitted

Hack Upstate Fall 2015

A way to generate your last will and testament online!... Read More

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Happenin Submitted

Hack Upstate Fall 2015

Free events to bring community together ... Read More

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Plugin API for SCION Submitted

Hack Upstate Fall 2015

This year, I decided to add a new feature to SCION, an open source implementation of W3C SCXML.

SCXML is a W3C specification for state machines, which is used primarily in voice and telephony applications. One of the most powerful features of the W3C SCXML specification is its ability to support... Read More

U Don't Know Me! Submitted

Hack Upstate Fall 2015

A game built around deception, humor, and friendship.

Use your intuition and gut to guess what your friends are most likely to say as answers to a series of ridiculously basic questions. Points awarded for both deceptive lies and crazy truths. Ages 5+

![Screen Shot](https://photos-5.dropbo... Read More

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BitPulse Submitted

Hack Upstate Fall 2015

Create a workout playlist and measure your heartrate throughout different exercises with Fitbit.... Read More

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Library CMS Submitted

Hack Upstate Fall 2015

Library CMS gives non-technical library staff an easy way to build a beautiful website.

Link to slides: Read More

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Bounds Submitted

Hack Upstate Fall 2015

iOS app game... Read More

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cranium.css Submitted

Hack Upstate Fall 2015

cranium.css is a machine learning approach to individually tailored web UI.

CSS hasn't changed for a very long time. Designers constantly iterate interfaces to try and build the optimal user experience. They employ techniques, like A/B testing, to get a grasp of their audience. The key thing is -... Read More

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Scrapie Submitted

Hack Upstate Fall 2015

Scrapie is designed to make the process of mining a webpage for data simple and user friendly. Using Scrapie, users with little technical background can gather the data they need to do data analysis.... Read More

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Personal Reading Recommendations Submitted

Hack Upstate Fall 2015

A web app built for the Seymour Library in Auburn, NY. Read More

Search Engine Blender Submitted

Hack Upstate Fall 2015

Blends search results from Bing, Google, and Yahoo.... Read More

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Puppies VS Kittens Submitted

Hack Upstate Fall 2015

A fun app that allows you to vote on which is better. Puppies or kittens? Fight amongst your friends and vote. Then the loser animal gets killed in the most brutal and adorable way possible. You can also donate by buying something from our amazon wish list to help puppies and kittens in need.

Can... Read More

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CandyCrowd In Progress

Hack Upstate Fall 2015

CandyCrowd croudsources the trick-o-treating process. Why should you have to settle for bad Halloween candy when there's an app to solve the problem?... Read More

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linkCNY Submitted

Hack Upstate Fall 2015

LinkCNY is based on Link-SF, a project designed and implemented by St. Anthony Foundation, Zendesk, and user testing expert Kimberly McCollister.

LinkCNY helps get people to social services faster.

Slides: Read More

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Yummy Rutabaga In Progress

Hack Upstate Fall 2015

Web based photo-taking game!... Read More

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JobBud Submitted

Hack Upstate Fall 2015

Job Application Dashboard

Sign Up

Presentation... Read More

A/B Sniffer Submitted

Hack Upstate Fall 2015

A/B Sniffer is a system which does reverse engineering on A/B Email Testing. ... Read More

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When Active In Progress

Hack Upstate Fall 2015

Social media marketing tool to improve your engagement level with your audience.... Read More

Photo Point Submitted

Hack Upstate Fall 2015

A compass for your geotagged photos.

Photo Point is an iOS Today extension. Copy a photo to the clipboard, and an arrow points you to where it was taken so you can walk there.

Great for marking locations you want to return to later, or sharing locations with other people.... Read More

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Buttonizer In Progress


Buttonizer is a B2B solution which helps to increase sales with branded connected Button for quick orders.!12262&authkey=!AA8CWFX8DhMNB2g&ithint=file%2cpptx... Read More

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Mainski Submitted


Shopping advice based on picture.


Sometimes people forget about the name/type of stuffs they want to buy


  1. $ git clone
  2. $ sudo npm install -g ionic

How it works?

  1. User take... Read More

UniTouch In Progress


Just a couple of weeks ago Apple released the newest iPhone which aims to revolutionalize smartphone interaction with its newest feature - 3D Touch.

UniTouch allows 3D touch without spending 800+$ on a new iPhone.
This technology enables the amazing capabilities of 3D Touch found in the new iPh... Read More