Phone Number Tracking: Reverse Search and Spyware Applications

Phone Number Tracking: Reverse Search and Spyware Applications

No doubts, the telecom operator itself can determine the location of the phone as accurately as possible. It’s a purely technical issue. But the company will do it only upon request from the police or other competent authorities, and we all know how these bodies work. During the time they pass the paper from one office to another, the phone is discharged.

However, providers offer special functional to find out a person’s location without violating the law, using gaps in legislation if needed.

What to Watch out for

Bright and catchy websites that offer for a small amount of money to render all services that we discuss in this article, should be avoided. We repeat again: if special software is not installed on your phone or computer, special services from the operator are not connected, or the internal affairs bodies are not interested in the subscriber, it is impossible to find a person’s location by mobile phone number. Those who offer to do this are scammers who want to steal your money.

On the other hand, to determine by prefix to which region an unknown number belongs, from which, for example, an unfamiliar call came to your phone, is not only legal but also quite realistic.

What Operators Offer

Such services are connected with the help of USSD-requests, with the assistance of IVR, through a personal account on the operator’s website or in stores. This can be done legally only with the consent of the subscriber, but without him, if you hold his phone in your hands for a minute or two. You can find out the location data of a person by receiving them on your mobile phone as an SMS or by installing a special application.

Soft Options

We must admit that this software is in abundance. We will describe only some programs because otherwise, we will simply drown.

  • Zoemob

it makes possible to create a certain group (for example, children or couriers), whose members can see where all the others are, as well as their messages and calls record.

  • Find My Friends

A completely free program. It’s quite simple to use and provides a lot of opportunities to track people by phone number.

It’s unlikely to just enter the number in the browser’s search box and see all the information about the wife or subordinate. It is worth to trust professionals who save both nerves and money.

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